Report from the Greater Springdale Loon Lake Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Springdale Loon Lake Chamber of Commerce met January 5 at the Springdale Fire Station. 11 People were present. Unfortunately several were absent due to problems related to our extreme cold weather.

Tammy Wright of Springdale Together on Prevention shared that they had their first board meeting for the reorganized program. They are looking for a new coordinator. It is a bachelor level position and will answer to the board of directors.  This position will be an employee of Rural Resources.  Funding for the program comes primarily from grants and is managed by Rural Resources. The next Strengthening families program begins on Feb 13th.  It runs from 5:30 -8:00 and will be held at the Springdale Community church.  Dinner and childcare is free.  Tammy emphasized that these classes are to give people new ideas. It is an ongoing education opportunity to learn new parenting styles.  If you are having trouble with your kids would like to attend for the first time so you can figure out what to do, contact Sinay Butler at 509-499-4033 for more information. The next meeting for the program management will be held January 17th at 3:30 at the Springdale church.  It would be a great opportunity to get involved in a program that works to keep kids drug and alcohol-free. Kevin Jacka, superintendent of Springdale schools will give a presentation on the importance of the upcoming Levy.

Kevin Jacka described the levy as a continuation levy.  We will vote February 14.  It will last for four years and is for maintenance and operations.  It is not a new tax, it only helps to support and maintain the district’s current educational programs and activities which are not funded through State and/or Federal funds.  And, he added, strong schools make for strong communities.  Kevin also gave us an update on the “Welcome to Springdale” signs.  Due to the winter break, the Vocational instructor has just gotten started on design ideas.  They will be presented next meeting.  Kevin also shared that the school is working with Verizon to establish WIFI hotspots.

Sarah English, the new manager at the Loon Lake Library, reported they are starting a morning story time program for children as well as an adult coloring club. Both programs will start in February. See the website for times and dates.

Mike Bucy, chief of Stevens county Fire district 1 reported that the district had a very busy year.  He has been doing a lot of work to try to keep the construction of the new fire stations within the budget allowed by taxpayers.  So the district has now turned to a local contractor. Now they will break ground late summer.

Dawn Gronlund, representing Hearts and Horses, reported that the cocoa mug sales fundraiser did very well. There were a number of scholarship applications that were on hold, so the money brought in by this fundraiser was very important. The next fundraiser is going to be a breakfast gathering with video and spoken presentations of what the program has done to help individuals achieve success in life and overcome handicaps and mental and emotional problems. It is tentatively planned for early may. Dawn also reported that Legacy Farm and Stable will be providing the horses for a seminar at Mount Spokane Veterinary. This is an opportunity for horse owners to understand health maintenance needs and what the vet can do to help your horse. This will be held April 8. They also plan to field a team to participate in the outhouse race at the Deer Park Winter Fest.  These kids are athletes and can run with the best of them.

This is time to renew your Chamber of Commerce membership. It is only $30.00 and for that you get networking with other members, free chamber website advertising, business of the month exposure, as well as mention in local newspapers when you have an event or breaking news to report that is of interest to the community. There are also many ongoing educational opportunities provided by the Chamber throughout the year that will help you learn better how to market your business.  If you would like to join the Chamber, check out the website at Also check out our Facebook page.  Jessica Varang, chamber secretary wants everyone to check out the great work she has done on these sites. The Chamber is also developing brochures that will be used to promote our area.

There was a discussion on the effect on local businesses of the new minimum wage.  Some have had to lay people off.  This is, unfortunately, one of the unintended consequences of this new law.

Sue Cox of Hotza Motza Pizza reported seeing a number of new customers from out of the area this last month, even with shortened winter hours.  She feels Chamber efforts are helping get the word out about this very good pizza restaurant.

There was a discussion on the computer center.  It was established with grant money and when the grant ran out, the center foundered.  The building is now available for lease.  Many voiced the opinion that they’d like to see a daycare established there to support families who would like to get a job in Deer Park or Spokane. This would be a real plus for our area. Contact the City of Springdale if you are interested in these opportunities presented by this recently built building.

The Tri-County Economic Development District has already sold out most of the classes for its Digital Day Camp series.  The last class is scheduled for Jan 31st. Register online at or for more information contact Shelly Stevens at

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