Property Tax Relief

by Al Snelling, Reardan, WA

Addressed to Senator J. Maycumber, Senator S. Short, Representative Joel Kretz

Dear Senators and Representative:

I was 22 when I bought my first house for somewhere in the neighborhood of $9000. You can’t buy a used pickup that runs for that price today. Over the years I bought another house, got transferred and managed to buy another. All those years I paid the property taxes, which supported the schools and the streets. My wife and I now have a small place that may be our last. We have a fixed income and because the housing market has gone mad and sales prices are so high, the values go up and so do the taxes.

We have known folks that high property taxes forced them from their home. We are watching to see when they are coming for us. The older generation needs some Tax Relief.

We would like to recommend a Tax Relief Bill for the Over 70. A bill that states “the primary residence of a person or persons over the age of 70 years property tax bill shall be set at the rate designated at that age and shall remain the same as long as they shall own the property, without an increase.”

There are too many of us out there facing the same dilemna in the state of Washington. I want to see a sign that reads, “do it for Grandma and Grandpa.”

We ask for your assistance in this recommendation.


Al Snelling,
Reardan, WA