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It all started when I struck an interest in leather making. I got a job in Mazama, Washington working for an outfitter for about 3 years. In the winter, we would work in the leather shop and do saddle repair and take small orders from the locals. After moving back to Spokane, getting married and having kids- my sister and I decided to start a leather business. We are both very crafty and artistic, meaning this would be the perfect job for us, not that we knew it yet. My job in Mazama was amazing, and it gave me a taste for leather craft. It had given me some experience in the leather business, making it easier to understand the job, and, surprisingly enough, I wasn’t the one who had suggested starting our business, it was my sister, Amy. Having grown up with horses, and farm life – we have a good understanding of function and durability. I also enjoy working on our small family ranch and Amy also works as a Vet Tech. Amy and I had always shared an interest in some of the same things, one of which being the business we wanted to start together. Our business, Prairie Leather Designs, grew slowly as we began making traditional horse tack and riding chinks. We started from the ground up 12 years ago. We spent a few years setting up at various local rodeos selling our merchandise. At the rodeos, we took custom orders and our business really took off. Our business turned from traditional gear to Rodeo Queen chaps and lots of bling. Our love for designing new items grew and we started carrying more of our own designs. From custom purses to unique rope can lids, our business really focuses on attention to detail. 

Our passion is creating leather items unique to each customer that will last for years to come. Building custom chinks, Rodeo Queen chaps, and rope can lids are truly our passion. We like to focus on the small details and truly bring our customers vision to life. We have had the pleasure of working with our former Miss Rodeo America Queen Katherine Merck – building her pink set of chaps, scrapbooks and various other items. Each spring, we build Queen chaps for many of our local Queens, as well as Queens across the U.S. Ranch riding chinks have also become very popular. We love being able to add class and character to a traditional item. 

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-Erin Haney

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