Odessa Golf and RV

by Cassie Nixon

Tucked in the heartland of eastern Washington, along the channeled scablands, you will find the charming and friendly town of Odessa brimming with nearly 1,000 residents and boasting the infrastructure needed to serve the needs of the community. With no exception, Odessa also boasts plenty of recreational activities, most especially its beautiful Golf Course and RV Park, which includes a locally loved clubhouse restaurant.

Odessa Golf and RV is cared for and managed by Dillon Jahns, grounds manager, and Danielle Hardung and Suzie Deife, clubhouse managers. The greens are beautifully kept and landscaped and the 9- hole course is considered by many in the region to be more challenging among the small courses. Golfers appreciate the grounds and the opportunity to improve their game. Rates are very reasonable, and no tee times are necessary. They invite golfers to come as they are and enjoy the game. They love large groups, so if you are bringing your friends along, give them a call beforehand so they can accommodate everyone.

Dillon and his groundskeeping team, along with golf course managers, take pride in not only maintaining a beautiful and fun atmosphere but making it a welcoming place for golfers of all ages. They offer special seasonal pricing for younger people, so that local children and families can golf as frequently as they wish. Odessa resident, Donald Valverde, loves to have golf as an outlet to spend time with his family. “I love that the kids can go down every day and then when I get home from work, we can go again, together. It’s a great thing to have available to spend time together as a family, and to relax and have fun.” He also adds “The Golf Course looks better than ever and has been really well maintained for the past several years. It has been more enjoyable than ever to get out there and go golf”.
Not long after Odessa Golf and RV brought Danielle in to manage the clubhouse, did Danielle reach out to Suzie to bring her on board for a clubhouse restaurant. The two ladies had worked together on projects previously and knew that they would take on this new endeavor together incredibly well. They decided to put together a menu with items that were not available at other places in town, as they did not desire to compete with existing food establishments in Odessa. Rather, they set out with the goal to complement community businesses. Hardung and Deife also work with the intention of giving back to the community.

With the Golf Course and RV Park as well as the clubhouse restaurant thriving with the support of the community, and with the popularity gaining among out of town golfers, the golf course is able to generously donate to the Odessa School District clubs and organizations, including FBLA, FFA, Alumni fundraisers, and the Odessa Athletic Booster Club. The Booster Clubs of Odessa and other rural communities of eastern Washington are funded entirely on the support of community members, local businesses, and corporate donations. Odessa Golf and RV Park is very proud to be a part of investing in youth athletics. They have also donated seating and catering to youth events. The open, modern design and décor of the clubhouse can accommodate good-sized gatherings, especially combined with the beautiful patio seating.

Jeanette Cole, of Ephrata, loves to come with her friend to have lunch dates at the Golf Course, to get away from the day to day while they enjoy the friendly atmosphere and incredible homemade food. Cole says the pair always take home extra for dinner for themselves and their husbands. She jokes that she does not like to tell people outside of Odessa that she has been visiting for years, because she wants to keep it a hidden treasure. Many people love to come and feel welcomed by the familiar faces of the crew: Paige, Hannah, Megan, Emily, Vanessa, and Ruth. No matter who greets you, whether in person or over the phone, you know you are a top priority for Odessa Golf and RV park.

A quick search of the golf course highlights positive reviews of both the RV park, with full accommodations and discounts on golf, and folks from as far away as Bothell, WA who plan to add the golf course to their golf trip itinerary. One reviewer adds “Upscale food that you may not suspect, and a very friendly atmosphere. Reasonable prices. Try dining outside on the edge of the golf course for a very relaxing experience.” Odessa Golf and RV Park invite you to come stay, offering daily, weekly, and even monthly rates with full hookups. While you’re here, come explore Odessa’s rich history at Odessa Historiches Museum; attend church, with several denominations to choose from; and find what you are looking for at local shops and stores with goods and services to meet your needs.

Odessa Golf and RV is on Facebook and Instagram, and can be found on their website: www.golfodessawa.com

Clubhouse hours are every day from 9AM to 7PM. They are located at 13080 Washington Hwy 28, Odessa, WA 99159. They can be reached by phone: 509-982-0093.