New in Medical Lake – Best Impression Dental

by Val Mohney


Alicia Burton, DDS

It takes something to start a small business, and an extra special passion and drive to start a small business in the health industry. Among other things, owning your own business calls for the brain of an accountant, the drive of an entrepreneur and a servant’s heart.


Alicia Burton, DDS and her husband, Jonathan, have been planning to open their new dental office, Best Impression Dental, in Medical Lake for over six years. Jonathan went to school for his MBA while Alicia went to dental school. Jonathan is the director of operations at Best Impression and Alicia is the dentist. Jonathan’s business degree and Alicia’s clinical expertise make them a dynamic team, long-prepared and more than ready to take on this exciting venture.


Alicia and Jonathan share the goal of improving the lives of those they serve by providing dental services with the utmost comfort and compassion. They have created a practice where both patients and staff are treated like family. They very carefully designed their offices to cater to their patient’s desires. Treatment rooms are private and accommodating. The reception room provides a clean and warm, friendly feel with amenities like water, coffee, and tea. Visitors can see the brand new, state-of-the-art sterilization and water purification systems, made visible in order to reinforce that instruments are clean and properly sterilized for each and every treatment.


Their business model took a year to create. They spent hours brainstorming how they could make their practice a place people actually enjoyed. They didn’t want to be the place people dread coming to every 4-6 months. They wanted people to feel welcome and comfortable and now, they have the team and beautiful new office to help accomplish their mission. They have a created a true family dentistry practice where the whole family can be treated under one roof. Alicia grew up in a small town and loves getting to know her clients beyond fillings and cleanings. The Burtons have built their practice with that small-town community special feeling in mind.


Look for the Best Impression Dental Logo


The Burtons have cultivated a strong team that is eager to help make the overall dental experience as pleasant and welcoming as possible. Every member of the Best Impression Dental team enjoys Medical Lake and local community ties. Jonathan and Alicia have built their business so team members enjoy the flexibility to be with their families when needed. From the beginning, they were committed to building a team that can work together for a long time and gets to really know the people they serve.


Alicia appreciates each team member’s ability to connect with new patients. Alicia is glad for the 15 years of excellent experience that Tawana, the office administrator, brings to the practice. Alicia says she learns something new from Tawana every day.  Alicia’s dental assistant, Monica, is a natural at explaining and showing what is going to happen prior to any procedure. Her ability to build confidence before a procedure helps make the experience more enjoyable, even for people who may have dental fears. The entire office works to make sure dental visits are enjoyable for children. They know that one bad experience at a young age can complicate a lifetime of dental health. Alicia also appreciates the outstanding job her dental hygienist, Maryssa, does to explain the need for different treatments and how patients can keep their teeth healthy. Alicia is grateful for Maryssa’s natural way of communicating with patients and putting them at ease.


Alicia’s dad was a dentist and her mom was a hygienist, so she grew up being exposed to the field of dentistry. Dentistry is the perfect profession for Alicia to help people. There is nothing more rewarding to her than helping someone achieve a beautiful healthy smile. With Alicia’s bright smile, happy voice and the sparkle in her eye, it’s easy to see she is a people person. She loves being with and learning about people, especially her patients. She also loves being a mom and a wife. For Alicia, dentistry allows the perfect blend of the things she values most. Dentistry is the career she was quite literally born into.


Best Impression Dental is the official parade sponsor for Medical Lake Founders Day 2018. They are also a part of the West Plains Chamber of Commerce and are involved with the Business Development realm of Re-Imagine Medical Lake. Jonathan and Alicia love being part of a vibrant, supportive community like Medical Lake. They look forward to serving and contributing to the West Plains area for years to come.


The Burtons have made a major investment in time and resources to provide the very best service they can to Medical Lake. From your very first visit, you’ll see their integrity, commitment, and regard for their patient’s experience reflected in every detail of their office. They have a created a truly patient-centered practice. Be sure to stop by, say hello and welcome them into the Medical Lake community!


Left to Right: Jonathan Burton, Maryssa Richardson, Alicia Burton, Monica Betts and Tawana McShane