My two biggest fitness secrets that DIDN’T come from fitness. [Part 2 of 2]

In my last article, I shared how innovations most often come from outside the specific industry. (Note: If you missed the first part, you can always read back issues online by visiting As an online personal trainer with 15 years experience helping people, the two greatest contributors to fitness have come from evolutionary biology and from the world of business. 

In my last article, I shared how I came up with the Thriving Body Focus by borrowing from the evolutionary winter hypothesis. But how can we get our body to be in a thriving state? And how do we easily elevate those thrive signals? 

That innovation came from Jay Abraham whom Forbes Magazine has ranked as one of the top three business coaches in the world. He’s consulted with each of the Fortune 500 companies, and he’s the personal business coach for Tony Robbins and Shark Tank investor Daymond John. 

Abraham has a “10/10/10” model he uses to help businesses holistically grow revenue, and decrease stress and cost. In short, greater results with less effort and burnout (which we want in fitness).

There are three ways for a business to make more money. Increase customers, increase how much they spend, or how often they buy. If a lemonade stand has 10 customers that buy $10 drinks and they come in 10 times a year, then that lemonade stand is worth $1,000.

Most businesses focus on doubling their customers, which does work. If you double customers, you double revenue. 

The hard part about this though is that you now have to serve twice as many people. You have to pay another worker, you have to buy more lemons, you have to pay for more cups, you get those customers by buying more ads, and you have to do a lot more work. This can lead to increased costs, lower profits, and more stress. 

Abraham instead recommends a small, holistic improvement. Maybe only a 30% increase across the board. 

13 customers x $13 drinks x 13 purchases = $2,197 business. 

This holistic process leads to more revenue, more profitability, and more enjoyment while reducing expenses and stress. A holistic approach using three areas of business growth makes things happen faster, bigger, and more enjoyably. 

But Abraham is limited to only three areas of improvement with business. Taking this Holistic Multiplier system over to health and fitness, we find six components that we can improve. My coaching focuses on Mindset, Activity, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, and Support. All of which synergize and multiply the effect of each other. 

Look at sleep and how it interacts with everything else. When you get poor sleep, you have lower energy. Where do you make up that energy gap? By snacking more and ruining your nutrition. When you’re tired, you also have less effective workouts and you’re less able to recover and get benefits from the workout. When you’re sleep deprived, you become like a cranky baby who is less resilient to stress. That increases cortisol and increases fat stores in the body. 

But flip it!

With good sleep, your ability to handle cravings and temptations increases, so your nutrition improves. You are able to exercise more consistently, fully, and recover from each workout. Your mindset tends to be more positive when you’re well rested, so you make more positive choices that benefit your health. Your stress decreases when you’re well rested, so now cortisol levels lower and fat can be burned.

That’s just one area! Imagine having all six areas helping each other. 

Fitness may not be a top priority for you – it isn’t for many of my clients. While fitness influencers on Instagram obsessed with fitness can show up as a 10-out-of-10 on their workouts, oftentimes my clients show up as a three or four. And that’s okay!

If life makes you show up as a three with exercise, a holistic approach multiplies that. Nutrition comes in and bumps that to a four. Sleep comes in and bumps that to a five. Stress management improves biochemistry, and bumps that to a six. Mindset and support? They come in to bump it to an eight. 

Using Holistic Multipliers is a great innovation that helps people get more results by making smaller demands in a few areas that support and elevate. 

By Steven Hicks