Moonlight Coffee

by Elizabeth Dengler, The Huckleberry Home

Or how I spoil myself with iced mochas when we going camping.

Everyone my age and older most likely remembers the movie City Slickers when Billy Crystal and fellow city dwellers sign up for a cattle drive. One morning Crystal goes to make his coffee by pouring coffee beans into a battery-operated grinder, therefore, starting a huge cattle stampede.

This is not that. It may be considered a little uppity, but I sure love to spoil myself with coffee first thing in the morning. Mostly because no one else is up and I have a little time to relax before the “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom….” starts. The preparation for this recipe begins the night before. Now this coffee is just a cold brew method and is not limited to only camping. Start with your favorite ground coffee and time.

What you need:
1 cup ground coffee (not instant)
8 cups fresh cold water
Large jar with lid
French Press or coffee filter, large funnel & pitcher
Mix-ins to your liking such as: flavored syrups, chocolate, half and half, soy milk, etc.

Before you climb into your sleeping bag add the coffee and water in your large jar. Secure the lid and shake the dickens out of it. Set where most appropriate based on where you are lodged, but in a cooler is not necessary. I just set it on a picnic table.

Wake up the next morning, give that jar a good shake and start your fire back up so you can make breakfast. Once your fire is going pour your muddy coffee water into your french press or put the coffee filter in the funnel and place over your pitcher and pour. Go slow enough on your pour and a lot of the grounds won’t transfer into your new container. Give it a slow press if you’re using the french press method. We have a stainless steel french press and that thing is wonderful because it’s super durable (can’t tell you how many times that thing has been dropped) and you can make hot coffee with it too. Now I like to get myself a large cup, put a little ice in it, pour in some chocolate milk (premixed by Darigold) and then add the coffee. Sitting by the fire to enjoy, optional.