Meet Your Neighbor: Cassidy McCrea and Kickin Koffee

by Cassie Nixon

Cassidy McCrea is the smiling face behind her business, Kickin Koffee which she owns with her husband, Gabe. Tucked right on a cozy corner on Highway 2, in Reardan, the coffee stand shares a large lot with their family home.  She and her husband purchased a corner home and it had come with enough space to get creative, so Gabe threw out the idea that a coffee stand would fit perfectly in the space. Kickin Koffee launched May 26, 2017. 

Cassidy McCrea, photo by Emily Nixon

They have been a part of the community for over 5 years and could never have imagined how well business would be received. Cassidy says she “definitely feels very supported and included in our amazing community”. In return, Gabe and Cassidy enjoy giving back by offering products to donate for fundraising efforts. As with most small businesses, the struggle is real to offer enough hours to employees. 

The coffee business has been a family effort, with their children both learning to work shifts in the stand. Their youngest son knows how to run the register and knows how to make his own drinks (an iced caramel latte, decaf, and extra sweet!).  Cassidy really enjoyed the process of designing the building before construction and she loves to decorate for seasons and holidays. 

Gabe and Cassidy are proud of their 3 children, their grandson, and 2 dogs. They love having fun as a family, especially boating and camping. They appreciate their employees, especially Hailey P who has been there through some stressful times, and Stefanie G, who keeps up Kickin Koffee’s Facebook page. They are so grateful to be a part of the community of Reardan, and it is evidenced by the wave of customers crowding in during the mornings before school and the steady stream of coffee (and Lotus!) lovers stopping in until closing time.