Local Wilbur Business Pop Up Coffee and Comics Under New Ownership

by Cassie Nixon

New owners, Orin Curtis and Tiffany Halle are pleased to keep the Pop Up’s doors open after its former owner decided to go in a different direction. 

Orin has fond memories of the Pop Up Coffee and Comics shop. He spent many hours playing Magic: The Gathering with friends, as it was a local favorite for a hangout spot among the town’s youth. 

Tiffany Halle and Orin Curtis

Orin spent a portion of his childhood growing up in Wilbur, before attending Le Cordon Bleu in Portland Oregon. Shortly afterward, Orin returned home to stay close to his family and now works as a corrections officer in Nespelem, WA. His partner of 4 years, Tiffany, enjoys seeing the town’s young people come into the shop to collect their comics and come together as friends for D and D or Magic: The Gathering groups on Friday nights.  They hope to expand their group offerings to include a Pop Up Book Group (hosted by Orin’s sister, Cheyenne) and anything else that may be of interest to the community. 

 Orin and Tiffany are pleased to be able to offer the upper level of the store for a modern location for locals to enjoy game nights, or anything else that may be of use to Wilbur’s residents. Orin and Tiffany’s dreams are to see the Pop Up shop open for the next generation of kids to encourage them to stay in touch with their inner child and build fond memories that will carry them into the future.  They love to be able to meet new people passing through town. Since Wilbur is a gateway city to many recreation opportunities, travelers are happy to find an option for an espresso or energy drink on their way to the lake. Some folks from Minnesota and a lady from France were especially happy with the store’s Italian espresso machine. 

Stop in and say hi to the new owners and enjoy the comfortable seating as you sip on your drink and peruse comics from both Marvel and DC Universes. Deadpool is becoming a crowd favorite, as is the new Lotus drink – powered by plants for a healthy, clean energy. They still serve classic favorites for coffee and tea lovers and are welcoming new ideas for products that customers want to see become available! Because of the nature of the day jobs that Orin and Tiffany hold, shop hours are dependent on the day, but the store is open 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday. Want to be able to grab your drink and go? Feel free to call in your orders so they can have it ready for you.

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