Keep the Splash Alive!

by Beth Finch, CSPF Chairman

Research shows that across the U.S. access to parks and pool facilities have become a measure of community wealth – a tool for attracting businesses and residents by guaranteeing quality of life and economic health. Most likely the same reason our preceding leaders and citizens choose to support building a pool facility in our small town of Wilbur many years ago.  With this in mind, today our local Community Swimming Pool Foundation (CSPF) believes that the town of Wilbur is very fortunate to have a pool facility that has brought many wonderful memories of family recreation throughout the years.

One of the difficulties in operating public swimming pools is the expense of maintaining them during economic hardships, which is exactly why our CSPF was developed with board members from the Creston, Wilbur, and Almira communities. The CSPF believes that the Wilbur swimming pool is one of the greatest assets the town of Wilbur can offer to all the people from these surrounding communities. It could be said that the revenue made from the pool is not great, but the quality of life and the benefits holds great merit.  We believe the Wilbur pool has offered opportunities for fitness, relaxation, instruction, therapy, and a healthy place for kids to spend leisure time during their summer vacations.

Generous donations to the CSPF from surrounding communities have been outstanding.  The people and the Foundation know that there would be a huge outcry if the pool were to ever close. With the communities generous donations from fund raisers like the “Roger Sheffels Walk-a-thon” and memorials left  specifically to the Community Swimming Pool Foundation, over the past 15 years the CSPF has purchased propane to heat the pool, lifeguard chairs, umbrellas, patio furniture, pool covers and reels, lifesaving equipment, and paid for needed mechanical upgrades. We also offer scholarship monies for lifeguard training and materials.


It is the feeling of the Foundation that the pool cannot continue to operate basically on a “temporary fix it” policy due to the fact that it then has a great potential to just lock in existing inadequacies.  To address these problems, the town of Wilbur and the CSPF have begun researching options such as grants and other funding that would focus on upgrading the pool facility in order for it to run more efficiently and attract more people.

As of this spring, it was obvious that our community pool needed a little help to keep it up and running at least for a few more years.  With the blessing of the Town Council, the Foundation decided to organized several work days. The list was long, but with some good old “stick-to-it-ness” the Foundation was hopeful others would join in on the cause. The word went out through social media; and at our very first work day, over 20 volunteers turned out in full force.  At each work day that followed, the turnout was amazing!  Even our Public Works Department crew pitched in and volunteered their time and carpentry talents.


With the guidance of Wilbur’s Town Public Works Foreman, Jeremy McElyea, in just a few works days, volunteers repaired the old calking and painted the two swimming pool tanks, cleaned and paint all the floors and walls in the locker rooms, entry and cage area; new counters and counter tops were built for the office area; painted exterior walls and trim around the pool house; and replaced all old toilets, shower heads and broken water fixtures.  It was a big order to accomplish in just a short amount of time, but one that just could not wait another year.  As an added surprise, a newer refrigerator was donated and an amazing new sign was also painted and donated by Wilbur Auto Body. With basic supplies purchased with the CSPF funds, adding in over hundreds of volunteer work hours, these attractive enhancements are a shared benefit to several aspects to our community and our town financially.

During Wilbur’s Wild Goose Bill Days celebration, the CSPF will hold an open house at the pool facility so everyone will be able to see the beautiful improvements that were made.  Discounts on swim passes will also be offered, along with fun raffle items and prizes.

The Community Swimming Pool Foundation would like to kindly thank everyone for their outstanding support. It’s incredible to see what a positive minded community can accomplish when we pull our resources and work together. Without a doubt, Wilbur will be keeping the “Splash Alive” this summer thanks to many wonderful hard working volunteers who were not afraid to “roll up their sleeves” and make a difference.

Wilbur Swimming Pool Information for 2016 Swim Season:
Daily pass- $4.00
Baby Pool pass- $1.50
Daily Punch Card-10 days $35.00
Season pass-Single- $80.00
Season pass-Immediate Family- $165.00
Pool Rental-2 hours-$140.00
Public Swimming Lessons-10 days at ½ hr. each $35.00
Swimming lessons will be July 11th to the 22nd from 11:30 to noon.

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