by Bonnie Stichart
Huckleberry-Press-Patrick-KatzThe buying and selling of real estate is a difficult and complicated business, for Patrick Katz and his associates at Katz Realty, Inc., the rewards make it worthwhile. What is the main reward? According to Patrick, it is knowing they have helped people.

People are the most critical part in the business of buying and selling properties. People care about where they live and work. People care about the businesses they buy. Matching people to the best possible property is the main concern of real estate, as is helping them get the best price when it is time to sell. “By helping people, we succeed,” stated Patrick.

Living and working in Davenport is the fulfillment of Patrick’s dream. He was born in Davenport and has always loved the town. His father, Bill, worked with Turf Realty in Davenport; Patrick got his real estate license and joined the company in 1997.

However, this job came to a sudden end when the company closed in 2002. Patrick and his father arranged with a designated real estate broker from Turf to start an umbrella company so agents wouldn’t be left without jobs. It took only a year for Patrick and his father to find a suitable building, the former home of the Davenport Times (still doing business at another location), and start their own real estate office.

Before opening Katz Realty, Patrick got offers from what he calls the “big boys” of real estate; but he turned them down. He wanted to be as independent as possible. He also liked the challenge of competing with the larger companies.

Since opening in 2003, Katz Realty has grown – and is still growing. Prior to 2008 there were four real estate offices in the Davenport area. Katz Realty is the only office that survived. Besides the brokers working out of the Davenport office, brokers work elsewhere in Lincoln County and in eight surrounding counties. With the recent upturn in real estate, Patrick is looking for even more agents – experienced or not – who can work outside of Davenport. To paraphrase the Marines, he’s looking for a few good people.

The real estate brokers who work at Katz Realty are independent contractors, while Patrick is the designated real estate broker and the boss. He sets the tone for the brokers by being explicit about what is expected from them: honesty, knowledge of real estate, and a professional attitude – and above all, service.

Katz Realty is a family business in the sense that several members of the Katz family work there, and also in the larger sense that all the co-workers are like family. Patrick cares about each and every one of them. “I want everyone in my office to succeed in their work,” he said. “I do what I can to help them succeed even more.”

Real estate has its ups and downs and is now finally climbing out of the 2008 collapse of the housing market. One of the hardest things to do is to break the news to sellers that their house is not worth as much as it was ten years ago. And for those who bought homes at the peak of the market, “it’s heartbreaking,” Patrick said. “Since 2008, many people remember what their house had been worth, but they have no idea what it is worth now.”

Prices have risen a little, but it’s still a buyer’s market. “However,” cautioned Patrick, “it will take time for properties to rise to pre-collapse values.”

Residential housing is the main focus of Katz Realty, and it is also involved with other types of real estate: established businesses, business property, mobile homes and mobile home parks, farms and ranches, multi-family housing, condominiums, rental property, and vacant land. That covers just about everything!

The physical office of Katz Realty is at 835 Morgan Street – which is also Hwy. 2 – in Davenport. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 5:00, though agents often work late. The office is closed on Saturdays because most, if not all, agents are out showing properties, but they will see people by appointment.

The availability of the Katz brokers goes beyond the office. People looking for properties, whether residential or business, often start their search on-line. The Katz Realty website – www.katzrealtyinc.com – is a treasure house of information. They have the listings for all properties in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) they belong to – the largest MLS in the state – with photos and accurate descriptions.

Accurate property descriptions are vital; there’s nothing more discouraging than taking the time to inspect a property, only to find it isn’t quite as described. The brokers at Katz Realty want to save you from that. Printed descriptions are, by necessity, brief, so ask the broker you work with for more details.
The website also has valuable information for buyers and sellers about the MLS, real estate terminology, how to prepare your house for selling, links to closing agents, home inspectors, title companies, and much more. Patrick has the “heart of a teacher;” he wants buyers and sellers to know what’s going on.
When you are ready to buy, sell, rent, start a business, or have any real estate needs, you will want to talk with the people at Katz Realty first. The phone number is 509-725-1701; their e-mail is office@katzrealtyinc.com. Broker contact information is available at the website – www.katzrealtyinc.com.

Whoever you talk with, do tell them you read about Katz Realty, Inc. in the Huckleberry Press. And remember, the professionals at Katz Realty are here for you!

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