Janessa Counts Her Chickens Before They Hatch


Janessa Graves, Chewelah, WA:
When we moved to Washington after getting married, Jim’s mom gave me an old copy of “The Egg and I” by Betty MacDonald, which I absolutely loved. Loved so much, in fact, that we actually searched for her old farm near Chimacum. (I’m sure we were not the first to follow “Egg and I Road” to try to find her farm!) When we moved to Chewelah, one of the requirements was that we live in a place where we could have chickens. Last summer I educated myself about the city ordinances regarding chickens to make sure we were “up to code” and went about designing the coop. I ordered chicks from a hatchery out east in late winter. When seven little chicks arrived, we were spurred into action to quickly build the coop. I directed Jim as he built the coop (he’s such a nice man). The chicks lived in our basement for the first 10 or so weeks until we moved them into their new coop. I selected breeds that were a) family friendly, b) good/very good layers, with sufficient diversity to create an interesting flock. Jim didn’t want any “small eggs,” so we don’t have any bantam chickens, although next time around, I think I’d like a few. And maybe a cute Polish. And a Silkie.

Our first hen laid a cute little egg on Dec 19 (2 days after our daughter Quinn was born) and have been laying every day since. I don’t think there’s been a day with zero eggs (but we have had several with only 1 egg). I like to collect data for lots of things in our daily life, so counting eggs was a pretty easy addition to our lives. We just keep a tally next to the coffee pot. Nothing better than fresh eggs for breakfast every day!


Janessa and her son Teddy.


Teddy and Duchess.

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