Huckleberry Country Real Estate with Patrick Katz

Dry Falls Dam

Dry Falls Dam


by Patrick Katz

I love being a Real Estate Broker in Huckleberry Country! It truly is a wonderful career. It has less to do with the money, it’s everything else that comes with the work that I love.

It’s the fact that I live in an area with so much to offer. Huckleberry Country contains a diverse landscape filled with just about every type of terrain you could imagine. The climate and location offers the experience of four distinct seasons throughout the year, each season filled with different opportunities to enjoy. Throughout the year you can experience almost any sport or activity you can think of. From water skiing to snow skiing, hunting to bird watching, hiking to snowmobiling, ice climbing to sky diving and of course, some of the best fishing in the world plus much more. Those who live here know, while visitors quickly learn this area truly is a magnificent place.

It’s the fact that I get to meet so many wonderful people and help them with some of the most important decisions of their lives. All of the people I have worked with have different wants, needs and financial statuses. Some have a budget of just a few thousand dollars looking simply for some property to own while others may have an almost unlimited budget looking for that perfect recreational property, retirement home or permanent residence. I have worked with developers from start to finish, businesses looking for that perfect location, farmers and ranchers acquiring thousands of acres of property and more. All a diverse group of people, all with different desires and goals and all equally important in the service they require.

The Real Estate market in our region is as diverse as the area itself. You can find almost every type of property you can think of in almost any price range you can think of, even specialty properties for people with distinct needs. Some properties have their own airfields, some with their own boat launch, some with a creek and some with a swimming pool. No matter what you’re looking for, odds are you will find it

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate, there are some things you appreciate knowing. One of the most important things to know is a real estate market is localized. For instance, if you see in Spokane prices are rising and there are more Buyers than homes available (a Sellers Market), that does not mean it is the same in the surrounding communities. One community may be doing great for various reasons while another community just a few miles away may be in a slump. Typically the statistics used to create these reports do not include all the available information. In other words, you can use some statistics to say the market is bad while using other statistics to say the market is good. That is a very good reason to work with a real estate broker you trust to help you understand the market you will be working in.

Another important thing to know is asking prices may be very different than selling prices. Since the collapse in 2008, many sellers have been trying to get what they could have received before the collapse. There are folks who purchased in 2006-2007 when the bubble was at its highest who would be happy to “break even.” Unfortunately, some brokers are pricing properties much higher than comparable properties that are actually selling. Likewise, in a Sellers market, you may see asking prices that are much lower than selling prices. Again, a good reason to use a broker you can trust to help you with these matters.

There are many reasons to use a broker you can trust when buying or selling real estate. I have seen many people who “didn’t want to pay for a broker’s services” end up getting hurt in the transaction because of lack of knowledge of the industry or the area. Items such as CCR’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) they weren’t informed about, weed control they didn’t know they were required to do, easements that were on their property they didn’t know about, misrepresented boundary lines, association dues they weren’t informed about, reservation restrictions they didn’t know about and more. Most every area is different and has different rules. A solid broker will know how to find this information and help protect you from potential problems.

Huckleberry Country is a wonderful place to be, grow as a person, work and live. I love being a real estate broker in Huckleberry Country.

Patrick has been a real estate agent since 1997, following in his father’s footsteps. He’s been the Designated Broker for Katz Realty in Davenport, WA since 2003. Katz Realty, Inc. belongs to the largest MLS in Washington State, the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. The NWMLS has over 23,000 agents and over 2,600 offices connected to it.\