Hardworking, Honest Contractors

I would like to give some accolades to two contractors I had do work for me the past couple of months.

First is Eric Hovde of Tamarac construction(509 680 0494). Eric is an excellent craftsman and a true Christian gentleman. He gave an estimate for our projects and all were completed with no cost overruns. There was  practically no waste material laying around and all our visitors have commented on the excellent quality of the work done. Eric even took the time to answer all of my questions and even educated me on some of the intricacies of carpentry with a lot of patience. And every time my wife wanted to change something it was always doable with no extra charges. How often do you find someone like that?

Second is Joe Blakemore of Loon Lake Gutters(509 481 8616). Here’s a true expert craftsman at a very reasonable price. I requested estimates on gutters and received several. Then Eric (above) recommended Joe. I called and he promptly showed up and gave me an estimate that was over two hundred dollars less than anyone else. Again, I watched him working and asked LOTS of questions and got LOTS of answers. When the job was completed, I asked for one more item and he obliged with no extra cost. He stated that if I ever have any problems with his work to call and he’ll take care of it.

Without a doubt, these are the best experiences I have EVER had with contractors. It’s so refreshing to know men who give their word and keep it. No greed or broken promises here. Just hard working, honest, Christian contractors. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you want excellent work done at a reasonable price contact them. Thanks to both of you!

Very sincerely,

Earl Mixey
Fruitland, WA