Frontier Gear Sporting Goods: Quality Guns & Knives

by Bonnie Stichart
Frontier Gear Sporting Goods in Deer Park, Washington isn’t even a year old yet but is already becoming known for the attention to detail that is a hallmark of Dan Van Wormer’s work, first with custom knives, now with guns.
Dan was introduced to guns at an early age. His father, a police officer for more than thirty years taught him and the other children all about guns and regularly took them out shooting. This early interest led Dan to work with guns and eventually establishing his own business.
In May of 2016, Dan Van Wormer started Frontier Gear Sporting Goods, initially selling only the Polymer80 kits. By November he had expanded into selling a variety of firearms, from pistols to rifles.
The AR15, perhaps the most common modern sporting rifle, is one that Dan sells. Dan explains its popularity by calling it a “LEGO toy for big boys: It can be configured into many different sizes and calibers for a variety of uses. From home defense pistols to long range target shooting and to deer hunting rifles, the AR15 is versatile and reliable.”
Other firearms carried by Frontier Gear are the AR10, the Rossi model 92 lever action rifles, and Glock-compatible pistols. The AR10 is the “big brother” of the AR15. “It’s a great choice for hunting big game at longer distances,” Dan said. “Many of its parts are interchangeable with the AR15.”
For those who want to build their own rifle – or even a Glock-style pistol – at home, Polymer80 kits are available at Frontier Gear. The kits include the 80% polymer frame, jigs, drill bits, and end mills needed to complete the required machining at home. “These kinds of projects always have the potential to be challenging and frustrating. But,” Dan continued, “the people at Polymer80 have really put a lot of thought and features into their products so that it will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.”
Not only is the Polymer80 a cost effective option, there are no background checks or transfers required. It can be mailed directly to the buyer’s home.
One type of gun that Dan keeps a good selection of are concealed carry pistols. “Since pistols are held in the hand, there are many varieties of sizes and shapes,” Dan explained. “A carry pistol should fit the user and be comfortable. It is important that you handle a few different makes and models before deciding on one.”
If a customer is looking for a particular new firearm, Dan can usually custom-order those that he doesn’t have in stock. For a person looking to trade up, Dan does accept trade-ins; he also sells guns on consignment.
Dan Van Wormer is more than a gun seller – he is an experienced gunsmith. He can help buyers put together a kit or make a customized gun. He can help buyers choose quality parts for the “dream build.” He can do full gunsmithing on the AR platform rifle, and does minor repairs on most firearms. Dan is no stranger to the more traditional lever action gun, such as the Rossi 92. He can “slick it up” to take out the “grit” and increase its reliability.
Frontier Gear Sporting Goods has a Federal Firearms License. Products other than firearms can be shipped to all 50 states, with free shipping to the lower 48 on select products. Buyers ordering from Alaska and Hawaii will be informed of the actual shipping costs. Firearms must be shipped to a FFL, and cannot be shipped to California, Washington D.C., or Colorado.
Frontier Gear Sporting Goods is a home-based business, so Dan has a website for browsers: Not only are there pictures of all his products, he also has instructional videos and blog articles. He doesn’t have office hours, so make an appointment through either the website, by e-mail, or by phone. The e-mail address is and the phone number is 971-232-9090.
Anyone who attends the upcoming Wes Knodel Spokane Gun & Knife Show at the Spokane Fairgrounds, be on the lookout for Dan Van Wormer at his Frontier Gear Sporting Goods booth. The gun show will be held from Friday, March 31 through Sunday, April 2. For more information about the gun show, go to
A note about one of the guns on the Frontier Gear website: Fans of the classic Steve McQueen series Wanted: Dead or Alive may recognize the Rossi Ranch Hand 44 Magnum; it’s the same type of gun as McQueen’s Mare’s Leg lever action rifle. For me, just having a chance to handle that gun would be reason enough to visit Dan in Deer Park or go to the Spokane Gun Show.
Whether your interest is in rifles, handguns, or custom knives, you may find just what you need in the Frontier Gear catalog. If not, talk with Dan – his focus is on finding what you need, not just what he has for sale.

Dan working in his shop at Frontier Gear in Deer Park, WA.


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