Brothers Flooring Plus Design: Making Spokane Homeowners Dreams Come to Life

By Sarah Stephens

Normally people don’t want people to walk all over their work, but that is not the case with Brothers Flooring plus Design. Considered as area flooring experts, Brothers Flooring, a local flooring, and design service, has been in business since 2007.

Although the business began in 2007, the storefronts were not opened until 2015. Brothers Flooring plus Design has offices in both Spokane, Washington and Post Falls, Idaho.

Lisa and Andy Yank, co-owners of Brothers Flooring Plus Design and Hillyard natives are a true story of working hard to succeed in Spokane. The company added remodel manager Kohn recently who has twenty years’ experience and is now offering full remodels such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Brothers Flooring

Brothers Flooring Team: Jacob Meyer, Lisa Yank, River Richard, Kohn Cottrell, Jason Timm, Jenna Trinkle, Kelly Brown, Cynthia Delong

They have an extensive line of cabinetry and offer demolition, drywall installation, plumbing, electrical work, new fixtures, and painting. The company also installs a large variety of carpet, carpet tiles, laminate, luxury vinyl plank, tile, and wood flooring. They offer brands such as Mohawk, Mannington, Aladdin, Naturally Aged Flooring, Johnson Hardwood among many others. The business also offers financing to qualified customers.

The idea to start a business began when Andy was laid off from his installing job. Lisa, who worked at Chas health clinic, was on maternity leave, having just had their child. She recalls Andy saying that he should start his own business because unemployment wasn’t an option. “We pretty much had no choice, it was out of necessity,” she said. At one time, the couple were living off credit cards to survive.

Andy’s knowledge and experience as an installer and pure determination is what made him begin the journey of running a business. Lisa said their first installation client was the Northside Lowe’s Home Improvement store and it expanded from there “We did a lot of installing for the Northside Lowe’s, which kind of was a huge thing to kind of kick things off” she said.

The Northside Lowe’s store was their first steppingstone about two years after starting the business. Lisa recalls Lowe’s calling the business and saying, “basically this is the workload that we have, so many jobs a month, can you handle that workload?” She said the workload included carpet installation as well, which was new to the team. She said although it was a huge and uncertain responsibility to take on, it did not stop the couple. They knew they would figure it out and they did.

Since opening the store in 2015, Lisa said “We have grown by at least 75 percent annually, starting at around $500,000 in annual revenue to now over five million.

Lisa said that a huge goal of theirs is to teach their son how to run the business. She said we are trying to teach him “he needs to get out there with the installers, learn everything, you know, from start to finish. It’s not a nine to five job, you are going to be working long hours and weekends” she said. “Family for me has always come first. I married Lisa in 2004, whom I share a son with, Ronan. They are the light of my life and the driving force for everything I do.” Andy said.

According to Lisa, although there are many challenges such as exhaustion from long days, it is very rewarding in the end. She said the couple has made some amazing connections going on floor convention trips. “It is a great adventure, but it is not easy”, she said.

She said “honestly my husband is amazing, he is the most determined guy I ever met. He puts in 70 hours from start to finish, he knows what it takes, he knows people extremely well. She said her husband can relate to just about anyone. “We have gone to church with customers, we have gone to their house for barbecues.” Lisa said. She said a lot of their business can be attributed to word of mouth.

Now, Brothers Flooring Plus Design is offering free carpet installation. If customers want to schedule an installation estimate, Keegan or Andy will come out to the homeowner’s residence and assess the customer’s needs and wants. While a customer may wish to have beautiful luxury hardwood flooring, it may not be realistic, so they make sure to assess their needs first. Making sure the customers get a flooring design that will work with the traffic in their home.

The installers return to the store to give the salespeople installation details, desired materials, and measurements. The homeowner comes into the store, chooses the materials they would like to use, and the store gets it ordered. “We do ask that you put 75% down, we get materials ordered, and then you get a call from me to get on the schedule.” Lisa said. She said that there are often extended waiting times for materials, so communication with the customer is key.

Brothers Flooring and Design can also be of assistance to disabled and elderly homeowners, installing wheelchair- friendly flooring. The business had to remove and replace a customer’s flooring with carpet to adapt to their son’s seizures. She said the customer, a single mom, was in tears after they completed the job. She was very happy her son would not be injuring himself during seizure episodes. Lisa said this was a very heartwarming experience to know that they made a difference in the life of a child.

Customers are encouraged to come by and check out the store or visit the website and schedule an estimate. With over 200 google reviews and an average rating of five stars, Brothers Flooring is an unstoppable force for years to come in Spokane.