A Beautiful Backyard Country Wedding

By Celia Hanning Therens & Gladys Hanning

There were exactly five hundred twenty five pickets that my dad, Steven Hanning, cut, sanded, primed, painted and replaced, to enclose our backyard wedding.

Hanging from the great willow tree, the arbors, and umbrellas were handmade yellow, white and gray tissue flowers.


Our bar, a vintage baby bathtub, filled with wine, complemented by an antique green wooden wagon loaded with galvanized washtubs, for our guests to grab an icy cold drink.

My mother, Gladys Hanning and I used many of the vintage treasures from our business, Junebug Furniture and Design, along with a bazillion creative ideas to personalize my wedding day. Both my mother and I are passionate about vintage style. The key elements to our design for a timeless look are comfort, simplicity, an appreciation for the imperfect and a sense of practicality.


Here are some of our ideas that became a reality and the backdrop for our special day;

The old pickets, from my families’ fence, were repurposed to welcome and direct guests. My mother’s vintage bicycle, painted white was a perfect fit for my color scheme, its basket filled with moss, and yellow pansies, was tucked in a corner flowerbed. Leaning against the fence was an old rusty bedspring, filled with white paper holders and puffs of yellow cotton candy.


The ceremony took place in the simple but elegant front yard of my parent’s home. I walked down the path on my father’s arm, where my soon to be husband, Josh waited for me at the front porch. After vows were exchanged, the guests proceeded to the backyard, where they were welcomed with lemonades with the cutest yellow straws, ready for guests to sip and begin the
evening. A hand-stenciled banner gently flying in the breeze was tied to the fence announcing “Just Married.” White lights were strung under the large willow tree, and the trees bordering the backyard. There were candles floating in the pool. All of these elements created a magical setting! The party came to life under an amazing white tent. Dinner tables were set with fresh white table linens and handmade yellow linen napkins. Vintage bottles in all shapes and sizes were filled with flowers picked from the garden for centerpieces.


The “country buffet” table was amazingly beautiful. Bright summer salads, breads, and main courses were arranged amid two five feet long vintage galvanized tray centerpieces filled with white tissue and fresh lemons, keeping with the yellow & white theme.


Our menu as follows:

Salade Nicoise, from Julia Child’s Cook Book, Tomato, Mozzarella, & Basil Salad, Fruit Salad & Marshmallow  Dip, Teriyaki Beef Strips, Teriyaki Chicken Wings, Grilled Lemon Chicken, Grilled Corn picked fresh from the garden, and the most amazing Cheesy Garlic Bread.

I’ve included this simple and delicious recipe, with permission of our dear friend Lynn Guier:

1 loaf of sourdough bread, cut bread in half

1 stick of butter, heated on low, then let butter cool slightly

Add 8 garlic cloves, minced or chopped, add 1/2 cup Le Gout instant cheddar cheese, or a little more for your liking.

Spoon the garlic cheese mixture onto both sides of bread and broil for 3 minutes,

Slice crosswise and serve warm, it’s fabulous!

As our tired and happy guests left through the rose covered arbor, they filled old-timey take-out boxes with colorful gumballs, lemon drops and taffy to take home as a reminder of the day.

Enthusiastic family and friends prepared all the food, out of sheer love and a desire for a creative hand in the festivities.

From the beginning, my mother , father and I, worked together to transform the family home and grounds into a beautiful setting for a summer wedding in the name of love, and the day resulted in a class act.


Celia Hanning-Therens and Gladys Hanning are co-owners of Junebug Furniture and Design in Spokane, Washington

*Each year my mother, Gladys Hanning and I host a one-of-a-kind Vintage Market in Spokane, Washington. The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market is held the last weekend in September. Our market showcases an assortment of lovely vintage goods, wonderful antiques, unique finds, beautiful collections of painted furniture, handmade gifts for the home, handcrafted jewelry,
vintage inspired clothing, repurposed furniture and lots of inspiration creatively designed in a whimsical setting for our customers shopping delight. Please join us for 2 days of shopping at the Charming 5-Mile Prairie Grange and listen to live music and enjoy a spot o’ tea, tasty treats, and fabulous foods to enjoy there or take home to share. Fun begins, Friday evening,
September 30, 4pm-9pm and Saturday, October 1, 10am-4pm ~ Five Mile Prairie Grange, West 3024 Strong Road, Spokane, WA. ~ Admission $5

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