Are You Funding Your Bank or Your Charity?

What the bank will never tell you

by Victoria Caudle

Most consumers don’t stop to think about what happens when a debit or credit card is used to purchase goods and services.

The bad news is the merchant has to pay — not some — but all the fees associated with each debit or credit card transaction customers make. This even includes frequent flyer miles, rewards points, and rebates cardholders receive.

The funding to pay all these come from fees the merchant pays — not the bank or credit card companies commercials would have you believe. In addition, the bank makes a hefty profit off of merchants for doing virtually nothing.

Even worse, 98% of merchants are unnecessarily overpaying these fees and are not aware they can get these fees reduced and — in many cases — save hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year.

Credit card processing providers and banks don’t want merchants to know about a “Discovery Agency Fee” that is built into what a merchant pays. This fee is pure profit for the bank — no service is provided to the merchant by the bank for receiving it, but the bank receives it month in and month out as long as the merchant’s account is active.

The good news is not only can merchants legally lower and even eliminate some of these fees; they can designate a donation to be made to a charity in the merchant’s name instead these monies being paid to an already rich bank each month.

Since 2011, a 501c3 non-profit foundation has been helping merchants lower their fees through a program called Sharing the Credit and sends a donation to a charity in the merchant’s name without any money out of the merchant’s pocket.

During her volunteer work in ministry, Huckleberry Press founder and former owner, Victoria Caudle, discovered the special work Sharing the Credit is doing, and formed a liaison with the foundation that enables her to assist both business owners and non-profits.

If you are a business owner that accepts debit and credit cards, the likelihood that Victoria can have Sharing the Credit lower your fees and have the foundation make a donation to a charity in your name without any money out of your pocket is almost 100% assured.
Sharing the Credit has a mission to donate $10 Million to charities by December 2022. The only way to accomplish this goal is for Sharing the Credit to help as many business owners as possible.

If you know a charity or business owner you would like to see helped, please provide them with this valuable information.

Doing good is good business; so, unless you don’t mind continuing to see money going to an already rich bank or unless you simply don’t like charities, contact Victoria or share her information.

The one-and-a-half minute video on this page provides more information:

You can reach Victoria by phone at 210-409-3226 or by email at

Pay ‘n Go Processing vs. Sharing The Credit Table

A lot of Processors only offer you one base price for every transaction. That is like paying $32.00 for a steak at your favorite restaurant, then $32.00 for a side of fries, and another $32.00 for a glass of water at that same restaurant. Sure it is easy pricing, but easy is not always best.

Sharing The Credit’s pricing looks at each transaction and prices it accordingly. So that same steak is still $32.00, but the side of fries is only $5.00 and the glass of water is free.

It breaks down like this — for a $1,000.00 charge on a Visa Rewards Card — with the other guys, they’ll charge $29.00. Sharing The Credit would charge $19.50 for that same transaction. That is a 30%+ savings. Easy is not always BEST.

Whether you are a business or a 501c3 non-profit, Victoria can begin the process for you to Share the Credit. Call her at 210-409-3226 or visit

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