Advertising Account Executive

The Huckleberry Press is an old-school-style publication illuminating the essence of Americana. Small, mighty, and all about the local region, the Huckleberry Press publishes content produced by our local people for our local people distributed to 13 Inland NW counties.

People love us because they see us in the communities we serve. We do our best to bring attention to the richness of our region’s events, small businesses, and the people that make each town unique.

We’re building our team with folks looking for opportunities to connect with the communities they live, work, and play in. Small businesses and big hearts are the core of the Huckleberry Press. If you want a big corporate job with fancy titles and no autonomy, this may not be the job for you.

Our team members work independently from home and enjoy the benefit of a cohesive team environment through virtual and in-person meetings.

We create collaborative partnerships. You bring your ideas, blend them with our ideas, and then we take action with intention. Our team works with a heart of curiosity and an eye for innovation.

What you do:

Help local small business owners and non-profits connect with those who will appreciate their endeavors, events, and products. Identify what is important to them and the best ways to represent their brand or business. Connect with them via a mix of in-person visits, phone calls, and emails. We’ve found the direct approach is best. Face-to-face connection is what works. Initiate contact, develop relationships, and follow up.

Our team stays in communication using Google Workspace, Zoom and the telephone.

What helps:

An ideal team member has sensitivity and passion for both the vision and struggles of small business owners, vendors, and nonprofits, along with the ability to translate their needs into design elements. You’ll be working with our designers to create beautiful ads that motivate new clients. Show up to each day with curiosity, wonder, and fresh ideas.

What we don’t need:

If your style is high-pressure, this may not be the best fit. We are not artificial, fast-talking, arm-twisting salespeople. People do business with those they know, like, and trust. We’ve been successful because we’ve nurtured relationships. If you want to enjoy the work and make lots of money, develop relationships with people in the community.

Waving the Magic Wand:

Maybe you’ve had a business of your own and can speak the language. Maybe you have a passion for fundraising and know how to work that phone and get things done. Maybe you’re a creative person who loves the tactile opportunities of the print industry. Maybe you just like making a difference. Our best candidates will be professional, caring, kind, and consistent. You bring joy to life and laughter to the conversation. We want you to feel fulfilled by our work.


We expect your performance based, commissioned pay to run between $100k to $150k, with no upper limit. We pay a hefty commission plus bonuses so you can enjoy an awesome and fulfilling life. We’re excited to write you the big checks! We’ll do everything we can to help you get up and running quickly.

Use Your Words:

Send us a cover letter and resume to