A Welcoming Place to Find the Perfect Gift

I stepped into the Colville Hobby store, also known as the Eclectic Dragon, I knew I was in trouble. They have so many cool things on display that my eyes weren’t sure where to land. From model trains and airplanes to a wide assortment of crystals, incense, and gifts, the Eclectic Dragon has something for everyone.

I honestly wanted to buy a little bit of everything, and I will confess, I didn’t walk out empty handed. I just had to have an incense oil and a beautifully crafted ceramic container with a lid with a bee on the front. Everything was also very reasonably priced, and I wasn’t disappointed with my purchase, warding off the usual shopper’s remorse that would have normally set in for buying yet another ceramic container (even though I am a ceramics artist and instructor myself).

Fawn Sacksteder, co-owner, offered some backstory: “Six years ago, the Eclectic Dragon and Colville Hobby opened on Main Street in Colville. We were renting the storefront at the time and had to close after three years because the owner sold the building. Our customers were not happy to see us go but understood. Fast-forward to a year-and-a-half ago and a building on 1st Ave became available to buy so we did! This building has been named The Dragon.”

They re-opened their enchanting consignment store in the new building and, Sacksteder said their previous customers are so happy and excited to see them back in business. I can understand why; the charm and whimsy are undeniable.

“This time around, we’re doing things a little differently and it’s working out fantastically,” Sacksteder said. “We offer layaway, gift cards, and even a rewards card. There’s always something happening at The Dragon:  sales, raffles, Veteran discounts, store-wide drawings, and so much more.”

She continued, “Our main goal is to have something for everyone, even the hardest to buy for person on your list. That’s why we offer gift cards and layaway, so everyone can afford what they want. We offer year- round gift wrapping for free for in store purchases, and if you bring in a gift that you bought somewhere else, we will wrap it for you for a fee depending on the size of the gift.”

With local art for sale and on display for the public, Sacksteder said, “All of our members are local, with a wide variety of Items from pottery, seed beads, toys, models, trains, gemstones, and wind chimes… there’s just too much to list. So why not stop in and say hi? We are waiting to assist you on your magical adventure. We look forward to meeting you!”

Sacksteder doesn’t choose artists who would be competing with each other, so every new vendor has to have new and different items than what she already sells in her store. Some of the venders currently within The Dragon are: The Clay Genie – with inspirational sayings on the bottom of her hand made pottery; Maryanne’s Crochet Crafts – with cute crocheted animals, mushrooms, and more; Jokers Vinyl and sublimation – with custom-made shirts, hats, tumblers, ornaments, wind spinners, and more; Silver Moon Artisans – with gemstone beads, seed beads, jewelry, and microgreens; Creative Stepping Stones – with statuary and bird houses; Scooter’s Toys – with Star Wars figures, Hot Wheels, comic books, dinosaurs, and more; JD’s Blades – with swords (some display only, some can be actually used as well, practice blades, and throwing knives); Victoria’s Creations – 3D printed key chains, cute animals, earrings, and more.


“We have authors whose books are amazing, they grab the reader right from the get-go,” Sacksteder. “We have paintings and drawings from several local artists that are both beautiful and strange. There are just too many great artist vendors to mention them all.”

Colville Hobby is co-owner Sean Ravencraft’s passion. Trains and supplies, diecast cars, model kits for beginners and advanced builders, diorama supplies, paints and tools. He is also a wealth of knowledge about model kits, as he loves to build anything from ships and sailboats to trains, aircraft, and spaceships. Ravencraft even creates his own models, and alters existing models to match the specifics of the inspiration for the model he is making.

“My fiancé, Sean, inspires me,” Sacksteder said. “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be doing this. He got me into painting and inspires me to do so much more than I would otherwise. He is my inspiration. Always encourages me. He always wanted to have a hobby shop where he could display his models – this is his dream as well. I guess you could say we inspire each other.” 

She continued: “ “Giving my time and full attention to my customers and helping them find the perfect gift is my calling. I’m also passionate about my essential oils which are all hand-made. I have tarot cards, goats’ milk soap, resin, rune stones, crystal towers, metaphysical books, candles, and more. I love to guide and answer all questions a customer has, as part of the experience of shopping in our store. I am the metaphysical part of the store and Sean is the hobby part of the store.”

Fawn hopes to create a space that invites customers to explore their spirituality. “…A spiritual needs destination. I don’t care what walk of life you come from or what you believe, I want you to find what you need.”

Good conversation, a gemstone, a special gift, whatever you are looking for, she wants to help you find it. Even if she doesn’t have it, Fawn will point you in the right direction. She feels that this is more than just a store. It’s a destination that people want to come to because they feel welcome, heard, and seen.

The store has been recently rearranged to be completely wheelchair accessible. Sacksteder wants the store to be easy to roam and fun for disabled customers too. She caters to the customer and will even take suggestions on what to sell. 

Sacksteder and Sean say they love living in Colville. “It makes me feel good to do business here,” Saksteder said. “People are nice. By the time people leave my store I have them laughing. I love this small town. I can spend time with and talk with each one of them and know them by name. The small town feeling of community and getting to know everyone is what I like most about it.”

They even sponsor a race car driver that has the store’s dragon logo on the hood of her car and who has eight trophies, won the last three races, and is ahead in points for the championship, according to Fawn.

Ravencraft and Sacksteder also send customers to other local businesses. If another shop in town has what they need, Sacksteder will guide people where to get what they need, even if she doesn’t carry it. 

During the winter months, there is a very large, decorated tree outside the store that they call The Tree of Compassion. “Those of us that knit and crochet make gloves, scarves, hats, and warming wraps for those in need,” Sacksteder explained, adding that they also host a gently used toy drive around the holidays, which they gift wrap and donate everything to the Eagles Lodge to distribute. She said that those who give toys get a 10% discount in the store.

The store is scheduled to be closed for the rest of June, re-opening on July 3, just in time for the annual 4th of July Colville Sidewalk Sale. The store is located at 161 1st Ave., Colville at can be reached at 509-685-7369.

By Robin Milligan