sound bath


By Huckleberry Press / February 4, 2022 /
patricia elwing sound bath

This Valentine’s Day why not gift yourself a loving experience and/or share a heart healing and expanding SOUND BATH with your partner. Set up a comfortable place on your bed or the floor using bolsters, pillows and blankets and relax into the healing vibrations of the gong, alchemy crystal signing bowls, Tibetan bowls and chimes in the comfort of your own home.

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Cultivating Peace & Joy through Gratitude

By Huckleberry Press / November 14, 2021 /

Have you ever noticed the magical effect of just turning on some music you love and dancing?   Have you ever used relaxation music, guided meditation or bi-neural beats to lighten the mood in your home and your being?  Would you like to bring the best version of yourself to your loved ones this holiday season?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you would benefit from experiencing a sound bath.  Not familiar?  Please read on…

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