The Gratitude Jar: A Simple Guide to Creating Miracles

By Huckleberry Press / December 13, 2019 /

by Amy McGarry I am fortunate. Better than fortunate. Blessed. Whereas some avid readers are always searching for that “good read”, books present themselves to me. I merely have to…

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Prairie Leather Designs

By Huckleberry Press / July 9, 2019 /

It all started when I struck an interest in leather making. I got a job in Mazama, Washington working for an outfitter for about 3 years. In the winter, we would work in the leather shop and do saddle repair and take small orders from the locals.

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I am Farang, Adventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand

By Huckleberry Press / May 16, 2019 /

by Amy McGarry excerpt from Chapter 3: So Many Mysteries: …….After breakfast, I wash my dishes as I’ve been instructed. I squat down onto the stoop outside the kitchen and…

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