The Plant and the Hippo

By Huckleberry Press / May 5, 2020 /

At first it appeared that Tanner was happy again, staying busy and spending more time with friends, but Hill and I often discussed our apprehensions. And then we saw it.

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The Last Halloween

By Huckleberry Press / October 21, 2019 /

by Amy McGarry We moved around when I was growing up. Not every year or so, like military families, but a few times. Enough for me to gain some experience…

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Medicaid in Navigating Assisted Living

By Huckleberry Press / June 6, 2019 /

by Kristi Stalder Excerpted from Chapter Two… Medicare, the federal health insurance program for people age 65 and over, does not cover assisted living expenses. Even coverage of skilled nursing…

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New Book by Local Author Amber Jensen: This is Dirt

By Huckleberry Press / November 30, 2017 /

Amber Jensen is a lifelong writer and storyteller. She has built her word muscles day-jobbing as a content strategist and copywriter for a creative branding firm. Working the angles of…

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