PURE Infusion Suites: Making a Difference in Healthcare

photo and article by Matthew O. Stephens

People dealing with chronic problems such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, or other chronic issues typically have to receive medications through a process called infusion, and at times finding a comfortable location can be tough. However a growing market looks to streamline the process, remove obstacles, and increase the level of patient comfort overall.

Helping people is the main goal of medical professionals, and the experts at PURE Infusion Suites consider themselves to be “patient obsessed providers” meaning each person gets 100 percent focus and attention while utilizing the services PURE provides. That’s why patients will find suites with a very “homey” and soothing atmosphere along with food, drink, and shows they can watch.
Jeremy, who works in sales, explained the infusion centers are a relatively new and growing market, but they are confident that more patients will opt for their local services. Specialist referrals are also a must, as the infusion suites are essentially an extension of the primary care providers’ recommendations.

“We work with all the different types of specialists from multiple facilities,” Jeremy said. “And we treat patients that need regularly scheduled medications but don’t need a full hospital visit.”

The services they offer as an outpatient medical facility are to help people that need medication infusions or injections, but to offer a much more calming and tranquil environment.

Patient care and customer service are taken to the next level at PURE Infusion Suites according to Kai who works as a nurse in the Spokane Valley office.

Left to Right: Jeremy Zollinger – Specialty Market Executive, Kati Whitlow – Patient Access Coordinator, Kai Hookham – RN, Michele Lasso – RN

Kai transferred over because she advocates the one-on-one care that PURE Infusion Suites offers. Having worked in a hospital environment also, she claims that hospitals have to operate much more quickly so they don’t get to spend as much time with each person.

“Here we have a much more personable and personal approach,” said Kai. “We recognize everyone as a person and not just as a patient.”

That is where Kati specializes, as she is the Patient Access Coordinator for the local office. According to Kati, she really aims to spoil the people she works to help.

Immediately offering snacks, drinks, and entertainment options are on the top of Kati’s agenda, as she wants to ensure the best level of comfort and relaxation when her patients get seated in a room.

“I want us to be recognized as the Starbucks of infusion centers,” Kati said.

The majority of patients experience some form of chronic problem that requires IV infusions, but they do have other patients that require injected medications but don’t need or want the full hospital experience.

“We also have some patients who need specific injected medications at specific intervals, but they are unable to give themselves injections at home,” Kai said. “So, they can schedule here after a referral and then come into our office instead of having to deal with the hospital waiting room.”

According to the nurse, doctors were looking for outlets for this type of treatment for several years, and more infusion centers have been popping up recently.

People live with various afflictions, and PURE gives these patients a comfortable place with private suites to choose from. As explained by Kai, many of the medication infusions can take several hours so this option not only gives the patient a relaxing spot, but also frees up space at local hospitals which can then be used for other patients.

“Some infusions take one hour, some take four hours, and some take six hours,” explained Jeremy. “That is why the comfort level is so important. We have recliners and they can kick back and binge watch shows on Netflix, Hulu, or any of the options we have.”

“The main goal is to make this feel like an actual spa experience,” Kai said. “We want a full-on self-care area where people are relaxed and taken care of mentally as well as physically.”
Jeremy elaborated on some of the other benefits of their services.

“We do accept most insurances, and our prices are actually cheaper than what a patient might pay at a hospital,” Jeremy said. “Plus, we offer more privacy and aim to set a gold standard for infusion treatments.”

Kai went on to explain they have a more flexible scheduling process than most hospitals as well, as she knows from experience that hospitals have to keep a strict schedule to accommodate the high number of patients.

“We can be a bit more flexible, and we know people have kids and lives and need scheduling accommodations,” explained Kai. “We can also accommodate the mother that has to bring her kids with her. We really look to help patients in every way we can.”

Although these centers aren’t exactly new, raising awareness has been a bit of a challenge according to Jeremy. The team is confident that positive patient experience is helping the industry grow quite rapidly.

“We also want patients to know that they have a choice,” he continued. “When they see the specialist and get their options lined out, we want to raise the patient’s awareness, so they realize they have the choice of which infusion site they want to use.”

Jeremy then explained how his optimism is based highly on the success they have experienced since opening.

“We opened in May and the success has been great initially,” Jeremy said. “We saw our first client in June and we have built it the way it should be, as in building strong relationships with patients and the community.”

After all, the main goal with each patient is to make sure the staff’s best work is an extension of the care provider’s best work, and the patients leave with PURE satisfaction.